About National Cart Marketing

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Our favorite pastime is thinking of things other people didn’t think of. We have yellow legal pads everywhere: on our nightstands; in our cars; in that drawer in the kitchen that’s full of mismatched screws and dried up super glue. Why? Because we know the best ideas come when you least expect them. Our trick is that we’re always expecting them.

When it comes to getting ahead in advertising, our late night scribbles come in handy. We are always working on ways to get you in front of the customer like you’ve never been before. We do our job. You reach your customers. Everybody wins.


Our Team

David Workman – Chairman of the Board/President/Founding Partner

David Workman is the Chairman of the Board, Vice President of Operations and a Founding Partner of National Cart Marketing. Mr. Workman is a business owner and an entrepreneur dedicated to finding and growing niche businesses in various waste industry fields. His experience includes the creation and sale of businesses and currently owning and managing multiple small businesses. With a proficiency in starting and growing businesses, the development and growth of new start-ups comes naturally to him. This has been essential to the building of National Cart Marketing and the gathering of specialized individuals for a strong team.

Rick Stahmer – Vice President of Logistics and Administration

Rick Stahmer is the VP of Logistics and Administration of National Cart Marketing. He has managed Purchasing, Operations, IT, and HR departments over his 35 years of experience in the plumbing wholesale industry. Mr. Stahmer has extensive business process knowledge and technical experience in successfully sustaining Operations and IT systems and applications. Mr. Stahmer has a B.S. in Finance from Indiana University.

Breanna Workman – Vendor Partnership Manager

Breanna Workman is the Vendor Partnership Manager at National Cart Marketing. As the daughter of two small business owners, Miss Workman was employed at an early age and raised seeing businesses built and grown. Unsurprisingly, she pursued entrepreneurship herself and holds a B.A. in Social Entrepreneurship from Belmont University. After receiving her degree, Miss Workman found roles in various foundations and nonprofits writing grants and pursuing funding. Her knowledge of small business and B2B partnerships is an invaluable asset to National Cart Marketing’s growth.