Municipalities need money. We can give it to them.

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National Cart Marketing, LLC (NCM) is putting money back into the hands of municipalities.

Opportunities for growth and expansion are feasible without affecting taxes or raising service fees. With additional revenue from NCM, municipalities have money in the budget to fund implementing recycling programs, growing education budgets, purchasing new equipment, and offsetting operating costs. Recognizing that waste and recycling cart lids are wasted space, NCM has repurposed, redesigned, patented, and manufactured new lid technology, offering a previously undiscovered revenue in preexisting recycling and disposal routes.

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Because NCM has repurposed preexisting space, municipalities can tap into huge revenue opportunities at no additional cost and with no extra work to them.



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The Money

NCM’s program can fund your schools and other educational programs. Each year, NCM makes a fixed payment to your municipality. With so many budgets under financial pressure, turning the fixed cost of your cart program into a predictable revenue stream makes sound financial sense.

The Lid

NCM’s lid design works perfectly on a Toter 96 gallon cart. It weighs about the same as the Toter-supplied lid and fits perfectly into existing hinge alignments. Your drivers won’t notice the difference and your warranty will not change. The big changes are having revenue where you had none, more local jobs and increased economic activity through NCM’s program. If you have a Cascade, Otto, Rehrig Pacific, Schaefer or Ameri-Kart product, please call us.

The Community

Because National Cart Marketing focuses on promoting small businesses in ways that were previously out of financial reach, communities see growth in local business support and consumer interaction. NCM works with advertisers to drive community involvement which will result in thriving neighborhoods and healthy small business commerce.


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Click the link below to access our letter of intent and send it back to us at This lets us know you’re interested. We will get in touch with you soon to start the wheels in motion.


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